Tickets to Japanese baseball game for a family of four: around $150.

Price on eBay of a souvenir baseball signed by Willie Mays: $36 (for now)

Having a global moment of infamy by dumping your baby daughter into the next row while trying to catch a baseball for yourself: Priceless

I’ve been a baseball fan all my life and have never caught a ball at a game, so I know how exciting it would be to grab one — but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t toss my granddaughter out of my lap to get a souvenir I could buy at one of the shops on the way out.  And note, too, how Dad reacts to potentially injuring his baby girl here … by picking her up at the ankle.  You also have to love what appears to be Dad’s explanation to Mom that he was trying to protect her from the ball.

Did I say that Dad’s moment of global infamy was priceless?  By the look on Mom’s face, Dad’s going to be paying for this moment for a very, very long time.  Next time, hit the gift shop on the way out, Pops.