Al Gore will offer a 24-hour telethon, Reuters reports, in order to convince AGW skeptics that the world is coming to an end.  Presumably this will take place on Gore’s own Current TV, but we don’t know that for sure, because Reuters didn’t bother to include the actual channel in its report.  However, Reuters does want people to take Gore  super serial on this topic, because he was the former President, or something:

Former President Al Gore will renew his 30-year campaign to convince skeptics of the link between climate change and extreme weather events this week in a 24-hour global multi-media event.

Former President?  Of what? Not of the US, a fact that seems to have escaped the layers of fact-checkers and editors at Reuters — and did for at least two hours.  They finally fixed it around 11 am ET.  Here’s the screenshot before the correction, which took place without noting the error:

It’s nothing more than just a silly, sloppy mistake, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less amusing.

The actual story on which Reuters reported is also pretty amusing.  Gore wants to blow the lid off of the climate-skepticism scam, as he sees it:

“There will be 200 new slides arguing the connection between more extreme weather and climate change,” Trewin Restorick, chief executive of the event’s UK partner Global Action Plan, told Reuters on Monday.

“There will be a full-on assault on climate skeptics, exploring where they get their funding from.”

Slides? Well, nothing says entertainment like 24 hours of a slideshow.  Who else will be part of this telethon — Aunt Tilly with her vacation pics from Yellowstone?  Or will that prove too exciting for the Jerry Lewis of climate-change hysteria?

While we’re looking at funding, perhaps someone might like to take a look at where funding originates for the AGW crowd, too.  Hint: It comes from governments that might see an interest in central control of energy production.  For that matter, we can also point out that Gore himself has a financial interest in the kind of carbon trading schemes that AGW activists want imposed around the world.  How about an exposé on that?  We wouldn’t even need 24 hours for that one.