After spending the last two days generating more questions than answers, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) held a press conference this morning to announce that he had nothing more to say. Saying that the “prank has apparently been successful,” Weiner told the media that he had “answered questions extensively … that anyone wanted to put” and that he would have no more to say on the matter of a salacious picture sent out on his Twitter feed:

Funny, most of the media is under the impression that Weiner hasn’t really answered two questions in particular:

  • Was the picture in the tweet of Weiner or not?  Weiner’s answer is that he’s not sure, which prompted the follow-up question of how many crotch shots does Weiner have of himself, or that others have of him?  We’re still waiting for that answer.
  • Why won’t Weiner ask for an investigation of the hack into his account?  Weiner’s response yesterday that he wanted to save taxpayer money doesn’t seem like a credible response for a man who wanted the federal government to institute a single-payer system that had Uncle Sam running the health-care sector.  Better yet, why is Weiner still using the same Twitter account if he really did get hacked, as he claims?

Weiner might be done talking about this, but he’s the only one who is.  He might have been better off with this media strategy from the beginning, but it’s far too late to adopt it now.