Laura Ingraham gets Evan Bayh to admit the obvious on her show yesterday, and holds him accountable for allowing ObamaCare to pass.  Bayh laughs that off by saying “that’s true of anyone who voted for [it],” to which Ingraham responds that Bayh’s the only one on her show at the moment.  The former Senator from Indiana described himself as “50/50” on ObamaCare prior to his vote allowing it to proceed to passage, because it didn’t address what Democrats claimed as the central point of ObamaCare — cost control:

The real issue that was not addressed, Laura, that you’ve raised now, and I think appropriately, is the cost, the cost to both the government and to your listeners. We need to take steps now to get the costs of health care under control. That was not dealt with really in an aggressive way in this legislation. I think it now needs to be.

If ObamaCare didn’t deal with rising health-care costs, then why pass it at all?  Bayh gets a little foggy on this point, claiming that Congress needed to do something about health care.  This is no mere academic point, either, as Ingraham’s right about Bayh casting a critical vote to allow ObamaCare to proceed, as did every Democrat who contributed to the 60-vote cloture approval that allowed it to pass.  If the White House and Congressional leadership insisted that the bill reduced costs and Bayh knew differently, why did he vote for the bill at all?  Better yet, where was Bayh at the time?  Shouldn’t he have been on every nightly news broadcast, telling voters that his party’s leadership was at best very, very wrong about the nature of the bill?

Now Bayh wants Congress to produce additional reform on top of ObamaCare that will actually reduce costs.  If they produce another bill expanding government control that doesn’t address costs, will Bayh let us know this time?  Or will he merely carry the party line until the truth becomes so obvious that he can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, as he did the last time?