What would you do to change the direction of government in 2010? Would you make 10 phone calls to make it happen? Knock on 10 doors? Newt Gingrich and American Solutions are launching a new campaign today called The Power of 10, challenging Americans to get involved for victory. In 1994, it took a 10 million vote swing in order to win a historic midterm contest, and it will take that kind of effort in ’10, as well. Victory begins with you:

* Pledge to Vote in November for job creators
* Recruit 10 people to vote for the first time in this election
* Make 10 phone calls to recruit voters for job creators
* Knock on 10 doors and explain the need to vote for job creators
* Donate $10 to support the effort to elect job creators

American Solutions will track the success of this project at the website TenMillionVoters.com, dedicated to the effort. Be sure to do your part.