At 6:45 pm CT tonight, listen to CHQR’s Internet stream as I discuss the curious case of widespread insanity that has greeted Rush Limbaugh’s nascent bid to buy the St. Louis Rams.  Michelle notes that the story has caused a wide variety of symptoms, including frothing at the mouth from NFL players who have a tough time defending their own conduct, as well as a rash of fabricated “quotes” from commentators apparently intimidated by Rush’s financial power.  Mike Blanchard and I will chew this over for a few fun minutes, so be sure to join us!

Update: Allahpundit caught the breaking story from ESPN on the possible ouster of Rush from the bid.  That’s infuriating, but it does have one potential upside: Rush now can make a case that libel and slander caused him significant economic losses, if he chooses to sue the people using fabricated quotes to smear him.

Update II: My friend John Ziegler has advice for Rush: Keep fighting.

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