This one’s so obvious, my e-mail has been overflowing since yesterday morning with submissions on the same point.  Did no one at the White House think to look at a calendar to check to see whether their betrayal of Poland and the staunch support it gave the missile defense system just to suck up to Russia might have been better delivered on another day — in fact, any other day?  This one’s so embarrassing that even the New York Times couldn’t keep from reporting it:

But it made for unfortunate timing, as Thursday is the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland at the start of World War II, a date fraught with sensitivity for Poles who viewed the Bush missile defense system as a political security blanket against Russia. Poland, along with many other countries in the former Soviet sphere, worry that Mr. Obama is less willing to stand up to Russia.

What a great day to throw Poland under the bus in order to make the Russians happy!  Now Poles have another reason to mark September 17th.

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