The big lesson from Steven Crowder’s undercover look at the single-payer health-care system in Canada? “Don’t get sick on Sunday.” Actually, we can probably narrow that to, “Don’t get sick,” because Steven demonstrates that the only thing reliably covered in CanadaCare is the bill. Long waits and service rationing are the norm, as his PJTV episode shows:

It starts off with an ironic moment.  Haven’t we been told that a single-payer, government-run health care system will save money by having clinics handle normal care for everyone rather than hospital emergency rooms treating those without insurance for routine issues?  Guess where Steven and his friend have to go on a Sunday — and check out the wait just to see the triage nurse.

Of course, getting into a clinic — even when it’s open — takes some time.  You have to get a primary-care physician assignment first, and that can take two to three years.  “But don’t worry,” a nurse tells Steven.  “You’re young, you have plenty of time.”  Does she know that for certain?  She doesn’t ask why Steven wants a blood test, after all.

And what is the solution on the lips of the health-care providers?  Watch the video to find the answer, but suffice it to say that it wouldn’t make Barack Obama very happy.

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