Reason TV has another brief, humorous spot about what Americans can expect from ObamaCare, once it transitions the nation to a single-payer system.  The humor masks the DMV reality already provided by other government-run health-care systems:

I linked this yesterday, but it’s worth linking again, as it proves that Reason may be underselling the point here:

Amid growing controversy over procedures that exposed 10,000 veterans to the AIDS and hepatitis viruses, the Department of Veterans Affairs is now bracing against news that one of its facilities in Pennsylvania gave botched radiation treatments to nearly 100 cancer patients.

Veterans groups and lawmakers say VA hospitals have permitted these violations because federal regulations allow doctors to work with little outside scrutiny. They say the VA health system, with its under-funded hospitals and overworked doctors, is showing signs of an “institutional breakdown,” in the words of one congressman.

An official with the American Legion who visits and inspects VA health centers said complacency, poor funding and little oversight led to the violations that failed the cancer patients in Philadelphia and possibly infected 53 veterans with hepatitis and HIV from unsterilized equipment at three VA health centers in Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.

“Lack of inspections, lack of transparency” were likely to blame, said Joe Wilson, deputy director of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission for the American Legion, who testified before Congress this month on transparency problems in a budgeting arm of the VA.

We have plenty of examples of what happens when government offers public plans (Medicare) and what happens in a single-payer system (VA). Opacity in budgeting, rationing of care, substandard environments, and massive delays in treatment make people less healthy. We need to fix these existing government programs before anyone considers forcing the rest of America into them.