He’s no Kudlow, but Rob Simmons has a lot more experience than the Wall Street analyst. He served in the House, as well as the military and the CIA before then. He’s also got a 16-point lead over Chris Dodd, and Simmons wants to make sure that it grows. Here’s his introductory video to the voters of Connecticut, reminding them of who Rob Simmons is — and who Chris Dodd is, as well:

Not bad. I should point out that Simmons says he worked for John Chafee, not his son Lincoln, who lost his Senate seat in 2006 just before repudiating the Republican Party altogether.  Simmons also worked for conservative legend Barry Goldwater, which will sound terrific to conservatives nationwide — but will it scare Connecticut voters?

On our earlier thread, one commenter noted that the worst thing that could happen to Republicans would be to have Dodd retire instead of run for re-election.  Ned Lamont might wind up taking Dodd’s place, and you can bet the netroots would love to see that happen.  After a couple more years of Dodd fronting for Democrats in the Senate on financial policy, though, even Lamont and the netroots won’t be able to save this seat.