Well, Barney Frank did tell Code Pink to “grow up” yesterday, so it should come as no surprise that they’re using an eight-year-old for sloganeering. Conservatives don’t mind using a fresh-faced youngster for political argument, either, so we can’t act completely aghast at the concept, but at least we tend to wait until the kids become teenagers and use those few short years when they know everything. In this case, though, we get the creepy father exploiting his daughter’s trust by leading her shamelessly to regurgitate anti-war propaganda, including one nasty crack about men and women in uniform:

Dad: Well, let me ask you this. Some people think we should send a lot of soldiers there [to Afghanistan]. Do you think that would help them [the people of Afghanistan]?

Daughter: N – O.

Dad: Why would, uh, why would sending soldiers to them not help?

Daughter: Because, if you think about it, our last president, who made a big mess. I feel so bad for Obama cleaning up that mess. You know, he made a big mess, and so he has this, like, charm. So when he sends troops, he tells the people, “Oh, they’re going to go get food for them,” and all that. But they’re actually going to go and kill them.

Dad: Kill them?

Daughter: Yeah.

Dad: Jiminy Cricket, that’s terrible. So you think that’s what soldiers do?

Daughter: Um, think about it! Soldiers have very big guns, marching like this. Oh, you think they go to Army School just so they can go there? No. They go there to kill people.

Not only did Dad not think to correct his daughter by explaining that men and women volunteer for service to protect our nation and (in the case of Afghanistan) protect the Afghan from radicals who want to reimpose a brutal dictatorship on them, Dad thought this was so cute that he needed to share it with the world. It’s up on Code Pink Action’s YouTube channel, part of an effort to get us to surrender in Afghanistan after they failed to push the US into surrendering in Iraq.

After their disruptive behavior yesterday in Congress, I think we can safely assume that the little girl in this video probably has better manners than most of the people in the CP organization. She certainly has more brains than her meathead father, which she’ll discover when she hits 13. The only difference between her and other teenagers will be that she’ll actually be right.

Update: Tip of the hat to Emily in the comments for transcribing what I had trouble hearing in the video. I’ve updated the transcript.