Sarah Palin’s advice on Porkulus will evoke laughter in the White House that pushed it through Congress, but perhaps someone there has begun listening to her on energy. Palin says Barack Obama has started coming around on the natural-gas pipeline, but may need a little more convincing on enabling increased production on the clean-burning fuel. Palin doesn’t wait for Greta to ask before getting in an argument against the Fairness Doctrine, near the end (via Conservatives for Palin):

PALIN: Hey, Greta, another thing though that I would add too is that it’s not just the stimulus package that we need to keep our eyes and ears open about right now in America. But it’s this Fairness Doctrine — it’s these attempts in Congress that are being discussed at this point to shut down voices that are asking the tough questions. … If there’s any attempt to quash any of these voices, that’s a scary thing for our country and our democracy.

The challenge to Obama to veto his own economic policy is a little silly, even though it deserves to be vetoed, burnt, pulverized, and flushed. Obama got exactly what he wanted and has no reason at all to veto it. Had he been displeased with the product, Obama would have held a much different press conference a week ago. Opposing the bill on its merits is good, but demanding a veto doesn’t do much for Palin’s credibility.

Palin does much better on the Fairness Doctrine. She put it in exactly the right terms, which the American public will understand as not “fair” at all but an attempt to silence criticism.