Jim Geraghty reports on Barack Obama’s statement on the sanctity of human life during today’s National Prayer Breakfast:

“We know there is no God who condones the killing of an innocent human being.”

Well, great!  Perhaps then President Obama would also agree that we know no God who condones the negligent killing of innocent human beings who survive abortions.  Of course, Obama would have to acknowledge now that his position has changed since his days in the Illinois state legislature, when he helped protect abortionists by blocking legislation that would have required a second doctor to act on behalf of infants born alive after an abortion.  God knows that those children were and are innocents, alive at birth, and left to die in abortion mills.

Perhaps that will also lead Obama to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act, which would remove all existing restrictions on the killing of innocent human beings in the womb.  After all, once the sperm and egg combine, the result is a unique being, completely human, and alive.  That isn’t a theological determination, but a scientific fact at the moment the cell begins to multiply, within minutes of conception.  Certainly that would be the apex of innocence.  If no God condones the killing of an innocent human being, the condemnation for that act would begin at life itself.

We will remind Presisdent Obama of his profound words at every opportunity over the next four years, and thank him for making this as clear as possible.