The good news for Californians?  Barack Obama may have a great new public-works project to help stimulate their bankrupt government and moribund economy.  The bad news?  They get to keep the world’s worst terrorists right by a big terrorist target:

The U.S. military has prepared a list of U.S. military bases that could be used to house as many as 250 detainees currently being held at the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, military officials tell

The list — which includes Camp Pendleton in California, Fort Leavenworth in Kansas; the Marine Air Station in Miramar, California; and the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig in South Carolina — has been circulated in a classified brief to members of Congress and was prepared by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff. …

The preliminary list was based on cost, logistic, and security concerns, but the Department of Defense is expected to present a more comprehensive recommendation based on a variety of factors, according a military official.

Camp Pendleton was determined to be the least expensive option and officials say its vast 125,000 acre size would allow for a new prison to be built in an isolated and secure area.

And Nevadans thought the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage project was a bad deal.  San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station isn’t just near Camp Pendleton.  It’s surrounded by Camp Pendleton.  The nuclear power plant would make an excellent target for terrorists looking to create a disaster in response to the detention of their comrades on the military base.

That’s not the only stupid notion in this plan.  An interstate freeway runs all the way through Pendleton as well, Interstate 5, which goes from Mexico to Canada.  If any of the terrorists manage to escape Gitmo, they have nothing but water for a destination.  If they escape a detention facility in Pendleton, they would have access to the Eisenhower federal highway system.

Small wonder Barack Obama warned that it might take years to close Gitmo.  If this is the best choice for an alternate, let’s keep Gitmo open instead.  After all, with all of the Hope and Change taking place next week, why do we need to close Gitmo anyway?