Ann Coulter returned to the Today show to talk about her new book, but only after Matt Lauer insisted on trying to blame Coulter for the controversy arising from Today’s cancellation of Coulter earlier in the week. She got her slot on this morning’s show after Drudge red-sirened a report from sources at NBC that Coulter had been banned for life, which NBC eventually denied and had to prove false by bringing Coulter back as soon as possible. Coulter rips NBC and Lauer for blaming her for the controversy:

It actually never lets up, and it actually gets even more delicious when Lauer challenges Coulter on the lessons of the election. Lauer asks Coulter if she didn’t get the sense that people want to focus on the issues rather than what divides us — as if the issues and the potential solutions aren’t what divide us. Coulter rips the media in return, noting that Obama rarely got challenged on issues, instead getting softball questions on his feelings while “Sarah Palin had to memorize the last seven kings of Swaziland”. Obama certainly never had to explain the Bush Doctrine on national television.

Coulter’s new book, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, is now out in bookstores and on Amazon. I just got a copy yesterday, and I’ll be perusing it — and maybe we’ll see if Ann Coulter would like to talk more about the book than NBC’s vacillation on featuring her on a TEMS show soon.