You won’t mistake this for John Lennon’s insipid and nihilist ditty. The NRA doesn’t do subtle in normal election cycles, and they’re not going to start in 2008 (via the Political Machine):

I wrote about this in June, and it’s on the level.  Rather than rewrite the same post, just click the link and get the background on Hale DeMar and Wilmette’s attempt to charge him with the crime of defending himself.  Where does Barack Obama come into the story?  He was on the wrong end of a lopsided 41-16 vote on a bill that didn’t even remove Wilmette’s gun ban, but only prevented prosecution in case of real self-defense.  This would have been a great example of bipartisanship — except Obama voted with the minority of the party to keep prosecuting people who had the temerity to defend themselves.

The vote on SB2165 and Obama’s continuing efforts to keep laws in place to prosecute victims demonstrate that Obama has tried hard to mislead voters on his hostility towards gun ownership.  He was in the minority of his own party on this issue.  That makes him an ideologue, not a post-partisan moderate.