The new conservative comedy, An American Carol, debuted last night nationwide, and perhaps no place outside of San Francisco would be more hostile to it than New York City. However, RevYou’s Grace Randolph manages to find many filmgoers coming out of the debut showing, and they seem rather pleased with the results. Well, except for one man, who turns out to have an interesting profession:

The most poignant moment of this clip for me is the interview with a young man who emigrated to the US and became a citizen. Listen to his comment about love for his adopted country, and how little he sees of it from its natural-born citizens.

This is An American Carol’s opening weekend.  If we want to make Hollywood safe for conservative-themed movies, we need to get to the theaters this weekend to show our support.  It’s worth the price of entry just for that, and I guarantee you at least a few good belly laughs.  Get out there, and take a liberal with you.  Just make sure he’s not writing a review.

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