Vets for Freedom has a new television spot that will air soon in selected markets.  Called “Petraeus vs Obama”, the ad juxtaposes several statements by both men that demonstrate rather clearly that General David Petraeus had told the truth about the surge from his earliest statements, while Obama refused to recognize the success of the mission:

The VFF compiled a helpful list of Obama’s statements rejecting the success of the surge. In some cases, he refused to acknowledge any improvement in Iraq at all, and in later examples gave credit for the improvement to others, rather than the American soldiers who fought and defeated the terrorists. Many of these statements make it into the ad itself, but frankly, they had too many examples to include them all, so be sure to read the document.

The ad wants Obama to vote in favor of Senate Resolution 636, which would explicitly recognize the success of the surge and thank the men and women who won the victory. At this point, it’s hard to imagine that Obama would vote against it. It’s not anything more than a symbolic recognition of success, and under normal circumstances would pass by acclamation without a roll-call vote. In fact, if Harry Reid were smart, he’d engineer it just that way in order to save Obama the embarrassment of having to either antagonize the Code Pink contingent in supporting it or further antagonizing the military by voting against it. Unfortunately, Reid would then have to vote on it himself, and after having declared the war lost in 2007, would look pretty foolish either way he voted on S636.

I suspect that it will take a roll-call vote, and that both Reid and Obama will be elsewhere when the vote comes.