Geraldine Ferraro appeared on Fox to give her take on the “lipstick” issue, and perhaps caught Greta van Susteren by surprise. Given Ferraro’s ferocious attack on Obama’s multiple occasions of sexist imagery, the former VP candidate seems strangely sanguine now about Obama’s intent as opposed to his rhetoric:

“I don’t think he’s a sexist.” Well, Obama has to be glad to hear that — considering Ferraro’s full-frontal attack on Obama and the media as sexists as late as … just before John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Ferraro also lets the media off the hook in this interview, which, given the ferocious nature of their attacks on Palin, strikes me as odd.  The toughest she gets on the media now is an admonition that we all have to be “sensitive” about the words we use, the most tiresome form of political correctness possible.

Ferraro does give an explanation for her shifting views.  She notes that the race is now between Republicans and Democrats, rather than two Democrats.  That’s as honest an explanation from feminists about a double standard as I’ve yet heard.