How lucky can a blogger be? I’m working out of the Salem Radio Network booth, where they have kindly allowed me to hijack their internet connection while I grab people passing through Radio Row. Our good friend and Fox News analyst Amanda Carpenter agreed to do a short interview about the Sarah Palin speech. She talks about the unhinged reaction, including a work Paul Begala used to describe Palin on CNN last night:

What made Sarah Palin a “b***h” in Paul Begala’s opinion are the very qualities that would be described as “tough” and “strong” in a man. The fact that Begala had to fall back to this hoary epithet thrown at strong, successful women shows the level to which Democratic desperation has risen. They are running in fear of Palin and the way she exposes their hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, Cassy Fiano has launched a project of her own to show solidarity with Sarah Palin against the onslaught of sexist media attacks:

Amanda warns about developing an Obama-like “cult of personality”, which is good advice; we have an excellent candidate, not the Second Coming. However, Cassy taps into the ease in which people of both genders can identify with the Palins. Heck, as I wrote about their family issues on Monday, I could even join Cassy in this cause.