I have always liked Mike Huckabee, even though in the end I didn’t support him in the run for the Presidency. He has a disarming manner that belies real steel underneath, and last night he proved his value to the GOP in a debate with Alan Colmes. Colmes asked Huckabee whether he really thought Sarah Palin was ready to be President on Day 1, and Huckabee gave the answer of the day:

AC: Do you believe that Sarah Palin is ready, Day One, if God forbid something happens to John McCain?

MH: I think she’s far more ready to be President if something happens to McCain than Barack Obama would be if something doesn’t happen to McCain.

Colmes tried to make the argument that McCain didn’t show leadership by making this “reactive” pick of Palin.  Huckabee laughed this off, saying that Colmes must have been invited inside McCain’s head.  However, it’s worthwhile to ask, as I did in my previous post, who really had the reacticve pick.  Obama picked Joe Biden after the Caucasus blew up and he floundered in his response, while McCain looked prepared, informed, and ready to lead.  Suddenly, Biden went from “I’m not the guy” to the running mate within 96 hours.

Would McCain have picked Palin if Obama had selected Hillary Clinton?  It may have played against the choice, only because McCain would not have wanted to appear reactive.  In this case, he has plenty of reasons for selecting Palin, mostly because of her record on reform and her executive experience, which both Democrats lack entirely.  He wanted to “shake up” the race, as ABC reported, but that’s not a reactive impulse, either.

And I find it exceedingly strange that Colmes would accuse the first Republican to name a woman as running mate of not showing “leadership”.