Allahpundit posted the Politico story yesterday, but this is delicious enough in an Operation Chaos sense that the video deserves a peek.  You make the call: was Bill making one last pitch to dump Barack Obama in favor of the dynasty, or merely giving an audition for a position as Professor of Political Science at CCNY?

Listen especially for the crowd reaction at this Denver event. You can clearly hear a woman exclaim, “Oh, my God” in exasperation just before the video cuts out. She’s not sold on the idea that this was a completely innocent exercise in political science, and the murmuring just below that exclamation shows she’s not the only one who got the message from the Big Me.

After this little stunt, Barack Obama and his team have to wonder what else Professor Bill has up his sleeve. Will he offer another pop quiz? Or will he stick to the syllabus approved by The Department of O-ducation?

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