Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Debbie Stabenow, and the rest of the Senate Democrats have recently begun singing the praises of T. Boone Pickens.  Even Barack Obama says that “Pickens is right” when it comes to energy.  Why?  Pickens has spent a lot of money backing wind power, and these Democrats want to latch onto Pickens’ substantial investment in alternative energy sources to bolster their claim that we can’t produce our way out of a supply crisis.

Perhaps they should actually listen to Pickens, as the Senate Republican Caucus gently prods in this video:

In fact, Pickens has actively endorsed the Republican “kitchen sink” plan.  He wants to drill in the OCS, in ANWR, in the interior West for shale, as well as increase efforts to develop mass-production alternatives in energy.  Unlike Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, he scoffs at the notion that increasing regulation on “speculators” will produce lower gas prices for American consumers.

We agree, Senator Reid.  Pickens is right.  Now will you and Speaker Pelosi get back to Washington, start doing your jobs, and pass a rational energy policy that unlocks American production, creates massive new jobs, and keeps American wealth in America?