Maybe Democrats have begun to tire of The One, too.  Since 1884, the Democrats have conducted a roll-call vote to nominate their candidate for the presidency, and most expected to have that same opportunity in Denver.  However, the Barack Obama campaign — fearful of a floor revolt by Hillary Clinton die-hards — has tried to strike that tradition in order to have Obama nominated by acclamation.  This led to a potential road-to-Damascus moment for Democrats in terms of their presumptive nominee:

[Garry] Mauro said that because it was such a closely contested election, he is mystified as to why the Obama campaign is resisting and even balking at a roll-call vote, according to some reports.
“Are these folks so new to politics, are they so arrogant, that they think he’s different from every other nominee we’ve ever had?” he asks.

Is Mauro kidding?  Maybe he’s still in shock after losing a gubernatorial election to George W. Bush.  Of course they’re arrogant and think he’s different …. he’s The One!  Why does Mauro think Obama wants to give his convention speech outside the convention?
Just to clue Mauro in: