The NRSC released this ad earlier this week for the Colorado race to replace the retiring Senator Wayne Allard.  Rep. Mark Udall wants to join Ken Salazar and make both of Colorado’s Senate seats Democratic, but Udall may find that more difficult after his inaction in the face of Nancy Pelosi’s ramrodding of adjournment in the House. Earlier last week, Udall promised to block adjournment until a vote was take on drilling — and then he went AWOL when the vote occurred:

The NRSC needs to trim this down to a 60-second spot to run in the state after the conventions. This may be one of the most effective ads I’ve seen in a while. The look on Mark Udall’s face as he watches for the camera in the airport? Priceless.

Republicans need to make energy policy a theme in every single Congressional race.  This is an excellent template for other GOP candidates for the House and Senate to use.  A vote for a Democrat in any race is a vote for the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and a vote to keep America’s resources locked away from Americans while we beg the Saudis for more of their oil.