Uh-oh. Chelsea Clinton lets the cat out of the bag, and in Montana of all places. During a Q&A with supporters in Billings, Chelsea said that the nation “need[s] to do more with gun control”. Did she notice the gun racks on the trucks while traveling through Big Sky Country?

During a question and answer session before seniors and other supporters at the Yellowstone County Council on Aging Office Friday morning, Chelsea said, “We also need to do more with gun control. And my mom supports- naturally what she supported in New York. Which is: we have different gun control laws in New York City than we do in upstate New York. I think a lot of people think of New York City as just being New York, but actually the majority of New York State, not only land mass wise, but also people wise, lives outside New York City- and we have very different gun control laws in New York City as what we do in upstate New York.” …

The younger Clinton made her remarks in a response to a question from Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy (D), who asked her what efforts could be made to get more cops on the street.

Dave at Political Machine notes that Hillary has adapted her rhetoric on gun control to suit her political ambitions at the time. When first campaigning for her Senate seat in 2000, she adopted Chuck Schumer’s enthusiasm for gun control. In this campaign, she has tried to distance herself from it, using the Rudy Giuliani construct that local government somehow trumps the Constitution on the 2nd Amendment.

If you find that confusing, then you can’t blame Chelsea Clinton for being confused as well. Link to video is here.