Somewhere in Indiana, Dan Quayle sits fuming over a breakfast of eggs and potatoes. He misspelled potato once — once! — and the media painted him as an illiterate idiot. Barack Obama can’t remember the name of the city he’s in for the second time, and it barely makes a splash:

ABC News’ Tahman Bradley reports: Before a packed stadium on a rainy afternoon in Sunrise, Fla., Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., voiced pleasure with his first visit to the state in six months. “We’ve had a great three days campaigning here in Florida. But I regret that we couldn’t campaign here earlier. But I promise you we’re going to make up for some lost time,” said the presidential hopeful, who initially referred several times to Sunrise as Sunshine.

Obama spoke for about a half hour, serving up a compilation of his greatest hits. No mention of the assassination apology made by his Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. In fact, Obama praised Clinton for running “a magnificant campaign.”

Er, Tahman? That’s “magnificent“. There’s only one “a” in magnificent. Please see your Merriam-Quayle dictionary.

Last week, Obama couldn’t tell Sioux City from Sioux Falls. Yesterday, he couldn’t tell Sunrise from Sunshine. These aren’t the most egregious mistakes in the world — they don’t compare to, say, claiming that a president should meet with terrorist financiers without asking them to stop paying for terrorism — but they do show at least a little incompetence in handling information and details. How many times did Gerald Ford bump his head before comedians started portraying the former star athlete as an uncoordinated boob?