Conscientious objectors from Operation Chaos — and I was one of them — insisted that we had the best interests of the country in mind by driving a stake through the political fortunes of the Clinton Family. The Fall of the House of Clinton had to take priority over stopping Barack Obama from winning the nomination, as that would finally put an end to their relentless ambition for power.

Yes, we were hopeless optimists:

I guess the first question would be where her parents plan to have Chelsea carpetbag to win a national office. New York? Mommy needs that seat for a while. Arkansas? The Clintons wore out their welcome years ago. Illinois? Maybe Rod Blagojevich could appoint Chelsea to the Senate to fill out Obama’s term if he wins in November — assuming Blagojevich can avoid indictment himself in the Rezko case. Look for something closer to home, say in Massachusetts, where the non-Kennedy seat could serve as a perfect and safe perch.

We cannot escape the Clintons, ever. They are the political undead — just when you think they’re over, they come back stronger than ever.