Osama bin Laden released another audio message through jihadist websites today, and he seems insistent on providing equal-opportunity hate. His earlier message vented spleen about the yahouds; today, Arabs are in Osama’s rhetorical sights. He castigates them as “sheep” and demands that they rise up and liberate Gaza from the, er, Arabs:

Osama bin Laden released a new message on Sunday accusing Arab leaders of sacrificing the Palestinians and calling on Muslim militants in Egypt to help break the blockade of Gaza.

Bin Laden called Arab leaders “agents of the crusaders” and “wolves” in the audio message posted on an Islamic militant Web site where al-Qaida leaders have issued past statements. He portrayed the citizens of Arab nations as herds of sheep who have been handed over to the wolves to look after them.

“Every day, the herd wishes the wolves would stop preying on it,” he said.

“Those (Arab) kings and leaders sacrificed Palestine and Al-Aqsa to keep their crowns. … But we will not be relieved of this responsibility,” bin Laden said.

The rest of the Arab world doesn’t really want a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It gives the leaders a convenient issue to misdirect the ire of their subjects in order to keep them from focusing on the true source of their misery, ie, the kleptocrats and the mullahcrats themselves. To that extent, Osama has at least some truth in this message, but if it took him this long to figure it out, he’s more of a dolt than anyone believed.

Osama called on Egyptian terrorists to “work on breaking this blockade” of Gaza. That sounds unusually explicit and could be a go-order for an attack on Egyptian Army posts on the southern border of Gaza. The next few days will tell whether Osama has an operation ready to launch, or is just whistling in the wind.