Hillary Clinton tried to join the list of pols who try to generate warmth by attempting comedy, this time on the Late Show with David Letterman. Unfortunately, unless Hillary aimed at a Steven Wright-like minimalism, this performance won’t enhance her image much. Flat, dour, and appearing bored with the exercise, not even Letterman could save Hillary from herself:

It doesn’t help that Letterman’s staff came up with a mediocre concept for the Top Ten list. Reasons Hillary Clinton loves America? Is that a backhanded slap at Barack Obama? And Earl Scheib quit offering paint jobs at $29.95 sometime during the Reagan presidency. It’s now ten times that amount. Talk about being out of touch with the common man! Letterman managed to step all over Hillary’s delivery of the one funny entry, a reference to her ubiquitous pantsuits.

Sometimes these appearances work, and sometimes they don’t. It didn’t do any damage, but maybe Letterman should stick with Bob Dole.