Sunday night’s episode of The Good Wife tackled the Center for Medical Progress’ Planned Parenthood videos. And in what may be this week’s Sign of the Apocalypse, I think CBS actually made pro-lifers look pretty good — and abortion supporters rather bad.

The episode focused on a pro-abortion lawyer defending a pro-life group that conducted an undercover video sting operation. The lawyer, Diane, fights for release of the videos on the basis of the First Amendment — and in doing so, sees clients abandon her firm and a judge engage in judicial activism.

Whether it’s at NBC’s Miss America Pageant, on ABC’s Scandal, or on PBS or in Hollywood, conservatives usually get the shaft. Especially on life and marriage, we are portrayed as heartless, mean, and generally against the best interests of some alleged victim on a show or movie.

On Sunday, however, it was the “pro-choice” side that wanted to restrict the constitutional right to free speech. It was a judge who unethically used his position to push an agenda, and it was the “tolerant” abortion supporters who ditched Diane’s company because she dared not toe their line.

Meanwhile, a pro-lifer showed compassion and love, and an abortion opponent distinctly pointed out that a fetus is an unborn child

Pro-lifers weren’t perfectly portrayed — one “witness” is merely an opportunist looking for some cash and/or the limelight, and the “War on Women” made a cameo appearance — but all in all, they did so well that even MRC’s Katie Yoder told me that “The Good Wife did a terrific job.”

In March, Yoder highlighted how an abortion debate dominated another episode of The Good Wife, and once again viewers were treated to a fair treatment of the pro-life perspective. Looks like NBC, ABC, and the rest could take a page out of whatever book the folks at The Good Wife are using.

In the meantime, I’ll hope the Apocalypse doesn’t come until after Thanksgiving dinner.