In which Mike Huckabee earns a second bear mauling. This is from Friday’s Mark Levin Show.

Fred’s campaign has hauled in over $800k in the past couple of days. He’s doing something right.

Update: “I could see him staring down our enemies.”

Update (AP): Revenge at last for Mornin’ Joe’s “work the pole” crack — Jeri versus Scarborough.

Update (AP): Huck 1, Fred 0!

“You have to understand the context of the show….It’s not quite as irreverent as Imus…not quite Stephen Colbert but it’s serious topics with an edge.”

“I really do believe if people can’t have some sense of humor as they approach this stuff, then it causes everybody to be so locked down and consultant driven that their campaigns become so boring because all they’re going to do is give this robotic answer to everything that’s very carefully scripted. I promise you, you won’t have moments like this,” Huckabee said, gesturing to the handful of reporters that had gathered around him for an on-the-record conversation that would last about 40 minutes…

“If I thought I couldn’t be a human being. That I gotta wait till six handlers tell me what I can and can’t say and I have to read it, you know, it’s not worth it.”