Here’s Joe Biden’s “Giuliani isn’t qualified to be president” quip from tonight’s debate. He goes off on this riff as a non-response to a question asked of him about Hillary’s alleged qualifications to be POTUS. Brian Williams asks Biden to stand by or disavow an October 19 statement that Biden made on CBS: Do you think it’s legitimate for Senator Clinton to talk about her experience as First Lady as relevant to preparing herself to become president?

Joe Biden: Well, I think it is legitimate, but while Mrs. Clinton was meeting socially with the prime minister of a country, I was sitting down and negotiating with them, or the foreign minister. So I do think the experience is relevant, and that she has a sense of what’s going on internationally. And she knows how people react. But I think my experience–I know, I don’t think–I know it’s considerably deeper and more relevant.

Williams asked Biden if he still stands by that quote. Biden chose to answer an entirely different question about Rudy Giuliani’s qualifications. Williams never gets him to answer for that CBS quote.

The funny thing about this is, to the extent that Hillary constantly accuses the Republicans of “obsessing” about her, Biden’s non sequitur here shows that the Democrats are obsessing about Giuliani. Rudy is the unseen presence on the stage tonight.

Update: They saved the good stuff for the end. Gold star to Obama for the most hamfisted, absurd remolding of a question to fit his talking points that I’ve ever seen.