Does anyone have any idea who the gentleman on the left is?


Whoever he is, he was seen in Marine dress blues today, holding a “9-11 Truth Now” sign. Here’s all that we know so far.

I just got a call from my wife on her lunch break. Seems there was a group of Truthers at the Promonade in Santa Monica, CA and in their ranks was a Marine in full dress blues. She said, “I almost punched him in the face”. I love her.

Anyway, I told her to go back and get some pics with her cell phone. She was only able to get a couple before the guy left, receiving many thanks from his Twoofer pals.



If the gentleman is a real Marine (and I would be unsurprised to learn that he isn’t), I’m sure Jon “I am the troops” Solz will want to have a talk with him, since military members aren’t supposed to wear their military uniforms while engaging in political activity.

Update: Here’s a close-up of the Marine’s medals. The pics were taken with a cell camera, as mentioned above, so they’re low quality. Also as mentioned above, the guy was gone before more and better pics could be taken.


Here’s what looks to be the type of sign he was carrying.


Update: I see some speculation about his shoes/boots in comments. Here’s a close-up, with the color goosed and contrast exaggerated so that you can see them a little better. It’s hard to tell, but they don’t look like cowboy boots to me.


Update: I go off for a little while and you guys conduct an investigation. So the question now is, is our Marine Johnny Wave?

Update: A couple more photos to look at. Courtesy what must be a one-man outfit called Republicans for 9-11 Truth, here’s “Johnny Wave” out holding one of those signs again, probably in West Hollywood iirc from the last time I was there.


And here is what might be the same gentleman’s publicity photo. If they’re the same guy, then “Johnny Wave” is actually an aspiring actor by the name of Zach. That doesn’t mean that he’s not a real Marine, since he might be, but if he is he ought not be out there wearing his uniform during protests.


Here’s a close-up of Johnny Wave’s medals, for you Marines in the crowd. It’s not a great close-up, but it’s better than the first one.


Update: I was a bit skeptical, but it does look like Zach’s our guy. Here’s a cropped version of this shot, from a June 11 protest (they’re out protesting on the 11th of each month). Compare it to the publicity shot above.