There’s but one topic on the Sunday shows this morning, the trial of the century, which won’t look much like a real trial and the outcome of which has been predetermined. The star guest is Alan Dershowitz, the newest member of Trump’s impeachment defense “dream team.” He’ll be on “This Week” and “State of the Union” to explain that, although he’s on the team, he’s not really on the team.

He’s sufficiently on the team to accept national television appearances based on the fact that he’s on the team. Look at it that way.

Democrats will counter with not one, not two, not three, but four of their impeachment managers to preview the case against POTUS and push for John Bolton and Lev Parnas to be called as witnesses. It’s (who else?) Adam Schiff on “This Week,” Jerry Nadler on “Face the Nation,” Jason Crow on “State of the Union,” and Hakeem Jeffries on “Fox News Sunday.” An obvious question for all: How long does the House intend to dribble out new evidence against Trump a la the phone materials from Parnas that were released this week?

Republicans, meanwhile, will back up Dershowitz with a smattering of senators. It’s Richard Shelby on “This Week,” David Perdue on “Meet the Press,” John Cornyn on “Face the Nation,” and Lindsey Graham on “Fox News Sunday.” They’ll each be pressed on whether they really meant it when they swore this week to administer “impartial justice” in the matter (say it with me: impeachment is a political process) and what sort of timetable they’re looking at. Is it really possible the trial could be over before the State of the Union? The full line-up is at the AP.