Should I turn this post into a full-blown hot take that Spicer’s elimination last night on “Dancing With the Stars” is an early omen for 2020 that MAGA Nation isn’t as formidable an electoral force as it once was?

Nah, c’mon. I mean, it is surprising that a president with a fan base as loyal as Trump’s couldn’t successfully rig a TV dance contest for a friend by tweeting each week at viewers to vote for Spicer.

But only a chump would view the results of a television spectacle as somehow meaningfu—-

“The president’s two dozen other tweets and retweets on Monday were mostly about the House’s impeachment inquiry that has thrown the future of his term into doubt,” sniffed CNN in a story about Trump’s unusual interest in Spicer’s dance fever.

WaPo notes that no less than Donald Trump Jr said recently of Spicer’s surprising endurance on the show, “If the Democrats can’t get Sean Spicer off ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ how are they going to win 2020?” Maybe TrumpWorld was using this as an informal measure of POTUS’s populist reach. It must have stung Trump on some level to see Americans process his enthusiastic endorsement of a candidate and then reject that candidate anyway. That hasn’t happened to the president since [checks notes] six days ago.

Here’s the moment of truth from last night’s show:

The president was gracious afterward, once he had quietly disappeared his “vote for Spicer” tweet:

No allegations of vote-rigging, at least! Spicer was gracious too:

Speaking with PEOPLE, Spicer, 48, said he’s both “relieved in a way” and “somewhat disappointed” to be going home.

“The judges made the right decision on a night where you had two dances,” he said. “The scores were going to be very difficult to overcome.”…

“It means a lot,” Spicer said of Trump’s support. “I appreciate his support and his continued friendship. It means a tremendous amount to me to know that he’s taking time to put his support out there. I thank him for that.”

By WaPo’s calculations, he finished with the worst cumulative score in the show’s history, although that number was fattened up by the fact that he lasted much longer than the show’s other bad dancers did. Usually if you’re not good you’ll get voted off early-ish due to lack of merit. Spicey had a political cheering section keeping him going, which allowed the bad scores to pile up.

He was a good sport about the whole thing. Too bad he didn’t win, as the exaggerated liberal annoyance at that outcome would have been loud and deeply enjoyable. If you thought Trump was taking the contest too seriously by deleting his tweet last night, imagine Democrats after watching Spicer knock over half the set and wind up falling off the stage in a final-round performance and winning the title anyway. Ah well. Here he is last night performing his two numbers.