“And we’re going to ruin it for you forever,” they neglected to add.

Via the Daily Caller, the clip below comes from last summer but we need a late-night palate cleanser and it’s been awhile since we had some fun with the Giannulli clan over their college-admissions hijinks. And there’s much fun to be had: This story has become a content factory for America’s many tabloids, with multiple new items filed each day about family drama between Loughlin and her daughters and ironic mementos from their pasts about the college application process. An enjoyable new one from Us magazine:

Olivia, 19, opened up about her college experience during a March appearance on The Zach Sang show, just days before her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, were arrested for allegedly paying $500,000 to get her and her older sister, Bella, 20, admitted into USC as crew team recruits, although neither girl has ever played the sport.

“It’s the coolest thing getting DMs from girls, like, ‘I’m applying to college right now. What did you do?’ Like, all this stuff,” the social media star, who boasts nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers, said at the time. “It’s fun.”

“My strategies for getting into college” would have been a legendary Olivia Jade video. I feel cheated that it never happened, frankly, as usually you can count on the garbage reality show we all now inhabit to reliably deliver ludicrous can-you-believe-this developments in ongoing news stories.

Like, for instance, Loughlin’s court appearance yesterday, in which “Aunt Becky fans” showed up to alternately grumble about how unfair her alleged crime was but also to cheer her on, sort of:

“As children we were both huge fans of Aunt Becky. She was kind of like our childhood mom,” says Alyssa Stevens, 21, who is from West Springfield, Massachusetts. “I’m not saying what she did wasn’t wrong. It was. I got rejected from so many schools and what they did really wasn’t fair. But everyone is acting so surprised. I don’t know why. I mean, rich people do corrupt things.”

Her friend and fellow Bentley student Liana Ferrara, says while she is a “huge Aunt Becky fan,” she gets mad when she thinks about how much work she put into getting into college when others allegedly cheated their way in. “I remember staying up really late studying for my SATs — SATs that I took myself” she says. “It doesn’t mean I am not a fan of [Loughlin’s] though.”

Stevens and Ferrara brought paper printouts of photos of Loughlin with the eyes cut out and wore them as masks. BuzzFeed has pics of a grinning Loughlin outside the courthouse, signing autographs and ignoring trolls in the crowd hooting at her to pay their tuition. (“We can pretend to do crew too!”) Given public interest in their saga, there’s no scenario in which she and her kid don’t both get huge career boosts in Hollywood from this sh*tshow after it’s over. I almost can’t believe some network hasn’t already offered USC a generous “donation” to keep Olivia enrolled in good standing and to let a camera crew follow her around to document her college experience. Or maybe they have and that’ll be revealed after Loughlin is sentenced.