Even by 2019 standards, it’s pretty weird that the president’s senior advisor and her husband are having a public disagreement over whether POTUS is having some sort of emotional breakdown.

Imagine what it’d be like if every man in your life spent like four hours a day rage-tweeting. That’s basically Kellyanne’s world now.

Trump did seem a bit … “on edge” on Twitter this weekend. Did he get a heads-up about what the forthcoming Mueller report might say, maybe?

As much as I like George and want to be a good NeverTrumper by sticking with him on this, it is sub-optimal to place your spouse in a position where she has to field questions about whether she agrees with you that her boss is mentally defective. Especially in light of Trump’s own uncharacteristic restraint: If I’m not mistaken, apart from a stray comment or two during press gaggles about “Mr. Kellyanne Conway,” he’s never attacked George — presumably out of respect for Kellyanne. Not a great look when Donald J. Trump is being more considerate of your wife’s feelings than you are.

But maybe it’s unfair to assume that George is acting completely against Kellyanne’s wishes. She’s a slick operator, occasionally even at his expense. Maybe she privately shares some of his opinions and is willing to let him vent without issuing any ultimatums. It’s not like Trump is holding George’s tweeting against her, to all appearances.

On the other hand, her response in the clip below when asked if she saw George’s latest tweets — no, I was tending to our children — feels like … not a good reaction for a husband to get, you know? “I was thinking of our offspring while he was busy leafing through the DSM to humiliate me and my boss” looks a lot like a brushback pitch. Step out of the box, George.

Anyway, I’m glad we could share this moment exploring the psychodrama of the Conways’ marriage yet again. I’m looking forward to their eventual reality show almost as much as I am Lori Loughlin’s.