A busy week in foreign policy means a John Bolton cameo on the Sunday shows. The ‘Stache is the lead guest on “Face the Nation,” “State of the Union,” and “Fox News Sunday,” where he’ll discuss the collapse of the summit with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi and where the U.S. effort to pressure Nicolas Maduro into relinquishing power in Venezuela is headed. Bolton is always interesting but especially so when he’s tasked with defending Trump’s North Korea policy, as he was outspoken before joining the White House about the futility of diplomacy towards the NorKs. Expect him to be asked why the far-left dictator in Caracas is an enemy of the United States for abusing his people whereas the extremely far-left dictator in Pyongyang running the most abusive system in the world is a new friend with a lot of reform potential.

Another Republican worth watching this week is Rep. Justin Amash, who’ll follow Bolton on “State of the Union.” Amash is one of the few libertarians in Congress and isn’t well known outside the right’s activist wing. But he had two turns in the political spotlight this week, first when he cast one of the 13 GOP votes in the House to block Trump’s national emergency declaration at the border and later when he took a Trump-skeptical line in questioning Michael Cohen at the Oversight hearing, even asking Cohen at one point to reveal a truth about Trump which the president most fears the public knowing. Amash goes his own way, a rare thing among congressional Republicans nowadays.

If none of that grabs you, Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler will be on “This Week” to rattle his saber about subpoenas and witnesses and impeachment again after Cohen’s testimony. The full line-up is at the AP.