By “indigenous,” do they mean Native Americans whose land straddles the U.S.-Mexico border? Because those groups do exist.

Or are they using “indigenous” to describe people who used to be Americans before the border cruelly shifted north to exclude them and who should, perhaps, be allowed to reclaim their American heritage for legal purposes? Because there are Democratic politicians with considerable and still-growing influence who seem to favor that definition.

Let me put this another way: Is the 2020 Democratic platform going to reference “Aztlan”?

Either way, one thing you can’t take away from Kirsten Gillibrand is that she’s a bold truth-telling avatar of truthy boldness. Always taking risks:

If there’s any political identity bound to cause controversy in modern America, it’s … mom. Or, as Gillibrand calls it, “carer-feeder.” Follow that link and try to imagine how much bravery it took to let the Associated Press take multiple photos of her performing “carer-feeder” duties given how allegedly risky that is to her political chances.

Here’s your daily reminder that Gillibrand circa 2009 not only would have demanded that we build a wall across the tribes’ land, she would have added extra money for a moat. Two clips below, one of the “indigenous people” exchange and another of her generating excitement on the trail.