Via the Daily Beast, the time for talk is over. Is she going to primary him or not?

Is there another right-wing populist of any renown in the entire United States willing to make an argument like this?

You ain’t hearing that on Rush and Hannity, I promise. Only Coulter will hold him to account.

I mean, the White House is practically daring her to run:

Of course, Coulter’s also taken to calling people stupid who are defending Trump on this deal, which … might hurt her chances of cutting into his base in a primary:

He signed the bill at a little after 2 p.m. ET today. It’d be a perfect moment for her to declare that she’s in! Plus, she does try to make amends to Trumpers somewhat at the end of the clip below after having spent most of the last few days calling them chumps, acknowledging that he’s done very well in appointing judges. In theory she could cite that as a reason not to run — “he’s been good on other stuff.” But if she did it would destroy the message she’s been pushing day in and day out since the shutdown began that only the wall matters in the end. Judges, deregulation, tax cuts: All fine, but if the country’s being overrun in slow motion by illegal invaders, none of it matters long-term. Shutting the border is the one thing he absolutely must do, and according to Coulter, his decision today to sign the bill now makes it impossible for him to do so. So why doesn’t she run? Is she going to let him get away with this?