Like everyone else, the Sunday shows are bored with, and depressed by, the endless shutdown standoff. So they turn instead today to the 2020 Democratic primary, with newly declared candidate Kirsten Gillibrand the star guest. She’ll sit down with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to deny on the one hand that she’s the most reptilian contender in the field while on the other hand taking care to tell liberals exactly what they want to hear with every answer she gives. Expect her to be asked about her proto-Trumpian support for strong borders circa 2008, which evaporated instantly a year later when political expediency required it.

The other recently declared candidate in the field, Tulsi Gabbard, is also booked this morning. She’ll follow Gillibrand on “State of the Union” to explain her shift from ardent opponent of gay rights years ago to dogmatic progressive today, and maybe preview for us the warm welcome Bashar Assad could expect at the White House from the Gabbard administration.

There’s a soon-to-be candidate scheduled today too: That’d be Amy Klobuchar, who’s set for “Meet the Press.” Maybe she’ll make news with an announcement?

If none of that grabs you, Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intel Committee, is also booked for “Meet the Press.” My sneaking suspicion is that Warner was scheduled for the show early Friday to discuss the details of the bombshell BuzzFeed story accusing Trump of suborning perjury before Congress by Michael Cohen. “Is this an impeachable offense?” Chuck Todd would have asked him. In light of … more recent developments, they’re apt to have a conversation instead about whether media sensationalism is hurting the search for truth in Russiagate. The full line-up is at the AP.