Inevitably, last night’s news of John McCain’s passing will weigh heavily on the Sunday shows. Two of his friends in the Senate, Jeff Flake and Dick Durbin, are already booked on “Face the Nation” to pay tribute but expect more late bookings as colleagues scramble to say farewell. Expect highlight-reel footage too across the dial from his many (many!) appearances on Sunday-morning chat shows over the years. He was one of their favorite, and most frequent, guests. There’ll be reminiscences about him in this television bloc for weeks or possibly months to come.

The other hot topic is the Cohen and Manafort convictions. For Team Trump it’ll be Corey Lewandowski on “Fox News Sunday” and both Alan Dershowitz and, er, Roger Stone, who might yet find himself indicted by Mueller, on “This Week.” For Team Blue it’ll be — who else? — Adam Schiff on “State of the Union” and Jerrold Nadler on “Meet the Press.” Why Nadler? Because he’s the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, and it’s the Judiciary Committee that’s traditionally charged with considering articles of impeachment against a president after they’ve been introduced. If the House flips in November, Nadler will become chairman and will take charge of the first leg of the process. It’ll be interesting to see what he says this morning given that Pelosi and Schumer have been trying to keep the I-word out of Democratic midterm messaging, knowing that it risks catalyzing GOP turnout.

If none of that grabs you, former AG Alberto Gonzales will be on “Fox News Sunday” to unload on Trump for undermining the current AG and the Justice Department in ways various and sundry. The full line-up is at the Orlando Sentinel.