It was just five days ago that the president of the United States met the supreme leader of North Korea. But because news moves at light speed in the Trump era, it’s already a distant memory for the Sunday shows: Not a single guest is booked as I write this on Saturday to squarely address that topic. Presumably Mike Pompeo will be penciled in at the last second to field questions. But if he isn’t, there’s a reason. The summit was a key step towards deescalation but conspicuously thin on the sort of denuclearization guarantees that it was initially organized to produce. If Pompeo shows up this morning, he’ll be grilled on filling in those blanks when, for the moment, there’s nothing to fill them with.

The DOJ’s IG report on Emailgate will keep interviewers busy, in any case. The lead guest this morning is Rudy Giuliani, who’ll sit down with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to discuss the report and to throw some increasingly wild roundhouses at the president’s enemies, starting with Bob Mueller. He’ll be pressed on what he told the New York Daily News on Friday about “cleaning up” Russiagate with pardons and why that isn’t an inducement to witnesses to obstruct justice in the expectation that they’ll get off scot free for doing so. Keep an eye out too for Trey Gowdy, who was withering in his criticism of Peter Strzok and the FBI a few days ago. He’ll be on “Fox News Sunday” this morning to talk about the IG report and what it means for the credibility of Mueller’s investigation. Spoiler: Nothing good!

If none of that grabs you, Mark Sanford will drop by “Meet the Press” to lament the Republican Party’s transformation into the Trump Party and its opposition to all who question the leader’s character and integrity. And Steve Bannon will guest on “This Week” to discuss his latest project to disrupt western politics — er, Bitcoin. The full line-up is at the AP.