It’s a hard-hitting policy-focused line-up on the Sunday shows this morning with an array of guests of wide-ranging expertise. Leading off on “This Week,” it’ll be … Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

Over on “Meet the Press”? Avenatti again.

“Face the Nation,” traditionally a more substantive show, will sit down instead with, let’s see here … Michael Avenatti.

Let’s hope at least one of these interviewers asks Avenatti why he was pushing the lie that Michael Cohen was wiretapped on Thursday before the truth came out. Also, are we going to get a Rudy Giuliani appearance anywhere to balance this? He’s not booked yet as I write this on Saturday morning, although maybe there’s a reason for that:

Giuliani’s attempt at damage control will probably do little to mitigate the legal problems he has caused, legal experts said.

“The first rule is to shut up, which he is unable to do,” said Stephen Gillers, a law professor at New York University. “False exculpatory statements often come back to bite.”

“Giuliani’s barrage harmed his client,” he added. “He waived the privilege for communications with Trump on the subject of his public statements.”

One close Trump adviser agreed, saying Giuliani had “waived the privilege, big time,” with his public descriptions of his conversations with the president.

Rudy told Brian Kilmeade on Thursday that Avenatti is a “complete jerk” who should turn in his law license. It’s takes some stones to be throwing around critiques like that after the week he’s had. His media tour the past few days was a disaster on the merits — how often do lawyers have to issue written “clarifications” of things they’ve said in interviews? — but if he inadvertently waived the privilege as well by blabbing too much he’ll end up in the Bad Lawyering Hall of Fame.

If the thought of sitting through Avenattipalooza doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always, er, Adam Schiff, who’ll be on “State of the Union” to give the thousandth iteration of his Russiagate talking points while emphasizing that it’s waaaay too hasty to talk about impeaching Trump. Clearly Schiff and his colleagues have seen some polling showing that the impeachment message is more likely to drive Republicans to vote this fall than Democrats. The new liberal two-step is to say (1) Trump is the most corrupt president since Nixon, at least, and (2) they have no intention of doing anything about it if you give them the House, scout’s honor! The full line-up is at the AP.