Take time to watch. We knew the risks in nominating POTUS. We were offered a ticket to the circus and accepted. We might as well get our money’s worth.

Michael Avenatti, as much a performer as Trump or Stormy Daniels is, dropped this in the course of the melee.

[T]he two lawyers sparred over the reliability of a lie detector test Daniels took, [Cohen attorney Arthur] Schwartz called “fabricated.”…

“Thank you for supplying that picture [of Daniels taking the test],” Schwartz said to Avenatti.

“That’s not the last one, that’s not the last picture!” Avenatti fired back. “Buck up! Buckle up!”

“You’ll need a big one, but buckle up!” he added, before taunting Schwartz to “get off the sidelines and get in the case.”

“You’ll need a big one.” Fat jokes on national television, from the lawyer for a porn star who claims to have been the president’s mistress to a lawyer for the president’s lawyer. Truly, we’re in the darkest timeline.

Well, almost the darkest:

Either way, it’s the timeline we deserve. And the timeline we most enjoy, let’s face it.

Avenatti spends most of the rest of the interview shouting “thug!” at Schwartz. Needless to say, though, if he gets a lead on the man who allegedly threatened Daniels in Las Vegas seven years ago and that man is connected to Trump somehow, this’ll get interesting in a meaningful way. (If he’s telling the truth about having incriminating “pictures,” it’ll get interesting in a much less meaningful way.) For his part, the president is reportedly telling aides that Daniels is obviously lying because she’s “not the type of woman he finds attractive.” He’s not into the model/porn star/Playmate type, huh?