The answer is no, obviously, and not just because the two shows are set in different parts of the country and Glenn was a pizza-delivery boy in “The Walking Dead,” not a used-car lot owner. (He was young enough to be a good 15 years away from running his own business when TWD premiered.) The mind resists this continuum because the shows are worlds apart artistically. “Breaking Bad” got more engrossing as it went along and was never, ever boring; “The Walking Dead” … does not fit that description quite as well, let us say. One show is drama masquerading as pulp, the other is pulp masquerading as drama. Imagining one birthing the other is like imagining the Nolan Batman movies ending up as the Batman ’66 Adam West version. But we need a palate cleanser during election hell week, so here you go. Besides, if this video catches on online, the TWD producers might be tempted to give Aaron Paul a short cameo in the future as a character named “Jesse,” just to mess with people. Wouldn’t that be fun.

Also, I like the idea of “Better Call Saul” existing in the same dramatic universe as “The Walking Dead.” Now that I think about it, a Bob Odenkirk cameo on TWD would be even better.

Speaking of fan theories, I need to atone for having missed something really obvious in hindsight in my post about “Westworld” earlier this week. I won’t get into details for fear of spoiling the fun for anyone else who still hasn’t figured out what’s going on (assuming I’m not the last one to have figured it out), but if you’re curious you can watch the second clip below. Oh, and here’s the “Wonder Woman” trailer that just came out today in case neither of these clips interest you. It looks bad, and some of the FX seem surprisingly amateurish, but if Hillary wins next week the media will be in “girl power” mode for the next few months so that might help sell it.