Gabe Malor wonders why the president of the United States, who’s lending the Castros some legitimacy this week in return for essentially nothing, couldn’t at least have stuck a “no photos with giant murals of Che Guevara over my shoulder” clause in the terms governing his visit.

C’mon, man. He’s playing to his base.

For all the younger Bernie fans reading, yes, that really is The Guy From The T-Shirts on the wall there. How cool is that? Says one Twitter pal, “Photo of an icon for idiot hipsters who has done nothing to deserve liberal praise. And also Che Guevara.”

This is making the rounds too:

Lefties are already firing back with photos of Reagan speaking before a bust of Lenin, although I’m reasonably sure Reagan wasn’t interested in legitimizing any Marxist regimes when he toured abroad. In any case, O’s got 10 months left to fulfill his real dream, a historic rapprochement with Iran. Is it too much to ask for a goodwill tour of Tehran followed by a photo op at Khomeini’s tomb? Stay tuned.

Update: Righty media is going to spend the rest of the day regaling its audience with reminders of just how much of a subhuman degenerate Che Guevara really was. Here’s Benny Johnson out of the gate quickly with a reminder that Che was hoping for a nuclear attack on the U.S. during the Cuban Missile Crisis.