To cleanse the palate, the good news is that North Korea’s nuclear test probably didn’t involve a hydrogen bomb. The bad news is the state of basic American literacy on foreign events. Did Jimmy Kimmel’s crew deliberately seek out younger adults here, I wonder, or was it just that all the idiots they encountered happened to be younger adults?

Whatever the answer, bear in mind as you watch that, given their age, probably every last one of these people is a Hillary Clinton voter. Except maybe for Nose Piercing, who’s either feeling the Bern or is Green Party or bust.

When you’re done with that, enjoy Trump telling Greta Van Susteren last night that Kim Jong-un may be a nut job but he must “have something going for him because he kept control which is amazing for a young person to do.” What he has going for him is the fact that North Korea is a hereditary dictatorship with a national cult of personality surrounding the Kim family, but you gotta give it up for any authoritarian who can keep such a tight grip at such a tender age, I guess.