Paris, ISIS, and counterterrorism are on the menu this fine Sunday morning, featuring most of the GOP’s presidential top tier. Trump and Ben Carson will be on “This Week” to clarify what sorts of databases of suspicious persons they will or won’t consider in the name of national security. Chris Christie will sit down with Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” to revisit the threat posed to the homeland by orphaned three-year-old refugees. Rand Paul will appear on “Face the Nation” to detail how far the only libertarian in the race is willing to go to clamp down on jihadis inside the United States. And maybe most interestingly, Marco Rubio will guest on “Fox News Sunday” to address what he told Megyn Kelly a few days ago about closing down mosques, businesses, websites, or anyplace else that might be “inspiring” terrorists. On Friday, while most people were busy hashing out what Trump did or didn’t say about a Muslim registry, some savvy lefties on Twitter were more focused on Rubio. His remarks were less ambiguous than Trump’s, and he’s a better bet to beat Hillary as nominee than Trump is in the view of many liberals. If Rubio doesn’t clean up what he told Kelly this morning, they’re going to come after him hard.

If none of that grabs you, John Kasich will be on “Meet the Press” to explain how he plans to destroy Trump from his current perch of three percent in the national polls. The full line-up is at the AP.